A Night With My Dad

I had my first sexual experience when I was in my late teens. I had a friend same age named Andrew who was also gay. Wed give each other blow jobs after the coach left the locker room in High School. We both used to get turned on seeing the coaches walk around in just their briefs or just a towel after a shower. We were both on the football team together. That was when I was completely sure about my sexuality. I quit football shortly after I moved to Florida. I did not swoon over girls in school and not many of the other guys were handsome enough to catch my attention since I was attracted to older men.

A year later, when I was nineteen, my mom left for a few days to spend time with my grandparents on their anniversary. I was at home alone, well almost. My dad was home. He was 50, about 5"8 and 230lbs, and sent my blood boiling. We both had stocky builds. He had brown hair and brown eyes; I have blonde hair and green eyes. He would walk around in his underwear all of the time, and I was unable to control my erection. Id sneak frequent glances at his bulge. He filled out a pair jockeys very well.

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