Beach Punk - Police Escort

I was still confused about what to do about the new job offer that Will had presented to me. All this was happening too fast and too soon. I just came to the beach to make new friends, and even before the week was up; I had been molested by my newest friend and his brother, taken to a movie producer, who offered a job, and given $100. for just getting a blowjob, and then taken to another man, and offered not only a job in his shop, but a job to be a 'Boy Toy' and service strange men in my new apartment.

My head was still swimming with excitement and wonder. This might be my time to make some money fast and easy, go to school next semester, and send my mother and sister some extra money to live on. Heaven only knows my mother could us the money.

I was still new at letting guys use my body as an object for sex, but under the circumstances, I liked it. I discovered the hard way that I liked to be fucked, and used by men, but hadn't gotten use to the idea of sucking cock. I guess I'd learn. After all, I'd sucked on Ray's cock tonight for a little while, and it wasn't so bad.

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