Beach Punk - The Job Offer

Breakfast sounded good to me. At least it would be better than this peanut butter. I followed Ray out the door. We headed down the boardwalk to a small corner cafe. Ray orders us some breakfast and I gobbled it down while he talked and drank some coffee.

"Where is this job you were talking about? I asked Ray.

"Oh Yeah. Almost forgot. Let me pay the check and I take you to see this guy that has a small shop on the boardwalk. He's a cool dude."

We left the cafe and headed to the location where this 'cool dude' had his shop. Ray seems to know most everyone. He nodded and spoke to several guys and stopped to chat with a guy while I waited a few feet away. I think it was some kind of business dealing he was working. I noticed the guy give him some money, and then we continued on our walk.

We stopped at a shop called "Will's Wooden Toys". On the door sign, it continued to say, 'Wooden toys for all occasions. We have a special collection of 'BOY TOYS'. Just ask for Will.'

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