Dad Gets Wired Up

Peter was 40 years old, 6ft with short brown hair and an average build that maybe needed a little work around the mid drift. Women often referred to him as cute which he hated at his age. He would have preferred handsome or at least good looking.

Peters dad had never been much for computers and technology. Peter remembered not that long ago his Dad still struggling to set the DVD to record. Imagine his surprise to his dads new found love of computers when Peter turned up at his house.

Jack was 59 with a thick head of salt and pepper hair, 510" with a mostly smooth well defined body. He had been very athletic in his youth and still maintained a regular fitness routine. He wished his son had shared a bit more of his sport enthusiasm but he never shown any interest in any kind of sport activity.

"I have cameras set up outside the house hooked up to my computer so I can monitor the house, even when not here I can log on and check over the internet connection," his Dad explained to Peters astonishment.

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