Drive In Theater - My First Adult Cock

It was such a lovely afternoon the other day. I decided to take my father into my world, and introduce him to something new to him, fashion. My wife and I have both been mall rats since we were kids, and two days ago I decided that it was time to get dad some new clothes. After all he did spend two years in prison for theft, and he not only lost 60 pounds, but all of his clothes were too big and out of style.

I loaded my scrubby looking 47 year old daddy into my Mercedes Convertible and headed for the mall. I knew that there was a diamond underneath those crappy clothes, and I was going to polish it until it shined! I decided that he needed a suit, and I told him that the entire day was to be on my bill. We went into Zenga and I made him try on about a dozen suits until I found one that I liked, and by the time I saw him take 20 button down dress shirts on and off my cock was a risin'.

After forking over $1,900.00 there we headed for my favorite casual store in the world, JCPenney. I watched my dad change into numerous jeans t-shirts and underclothes. And he made his way to a pair of dark faded blue jeans with a dark purple athletic fitted v neck t-shirt, and I couldn't contain myself anymore. Daddy had to be mine then and there. I started to strip his clothes off and I pulled his underwear down. I licked all over his cock balls and pubes, but daddy's huge one eyed monster wouldn't wake up.

He looked down at me and said, "I just can't get it up, not here." I understood his apprehensiveness. I told him to get dressed. I swiped my AmEx for another $400.00, and we bolted for my Benz. We both knew that we were too big to fuck each other in the car so we went to the closest place that I could think of that would be private enough to enjoy daddy's massive cock. I took him to Jimmy's Spray and Go car wash. This car wash was in the middle of nowhere and it hadn't been used for years.

I pulled into one of the bays and threw dad onto the hood of my $67,000.00 Mercedes. At that point I didn't care if his rock hard 6' tall body dented my jet black hood. I pulled off his new tight white t-shirt and kissed all over his warm sun dappled furry pecs and lifted his buff arms to lick his damply sweaty hairy pits. Daddy tasted good!! I licked down the line in the middle of his six pack and pulled his new jeans and briefs off. I kissed his thick pubic bush and wrapped my soft full pink lips around his rigged rock hard 9 inch cock. I slid his thick man pole all the way into my mouth and down my throat until my beard was tickling his low hangers. My nose was buried in his spit matted pubes.

He told me to come up for air after a few minutes. Then he stripped my clothes off like I did his licking my hairy pecs and my sweaty hairy pits. He lowered himself to my 8 inch long donkey dick and sucked it like a champ! Next thing I knew he bent me over and started licking my asshole. This was a new sensation that I had never experienced.

I knew that this was an action that man lovers shared but I am a bit of a germaphobic so the thought of it always scared me a little. Anyway, he orally stimulated my anus and the next thing I knew he was saying, "You want daddy to make you his little man?" He said he wanted to own my hard tight man ass and he was going to stake his claim. I have to say that for me it wasn't very pleasurable, but he opened me up for future possibilities. He only butt banged me for a few minutes before manipulating my head as to face fuck me. Daddy unleashed his load, partly into my accepting mouth and partly onto my furry pecs, which he immeadiately licked off.

After we laid on the hood of my car for a few minutes we helped eachother dress. Then dad kissed me on the lips and said, "I love you son, I always have and always will, and now it is deeper than ever."

I returned home that afternoon and went into my bathroom to shave and shower the hot sex off my naked body. I haven't been able to walk right since daddy christened my

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