The Local Club

I had been asked to join the local profession/business men club that was setup like many in the country for retired men in order to share interests, friendship and do good chartable works for the local community.

On the face of it I was flattered, because I had received both a letter and a phone call; however, I had just turned forty and I wondered if the chairman of the club knew this. It had transpired that my lovely old neighbour, who was ninety five and still as sharp as a razor, had spoken with Ken the Chairman saying that I would be a good candidate to join. The problem was my neighbour bless her had muddled my age thinking I was going to retire in the next few months, when in effect as much as I wanted to call it a day, I would have to keep working abroad in my chosen field for at least another ten years.

I travel the world as an engineer in the oil industry, mapping the seabed for oil companies. I could see why Ken would want me to join because I doubt if they had many members with my experience in my profession. The thought of joining also started to give me a thrill, the thought of all those older men, meeting for friendship did start to make me wonder exactly how close some of the men were, after all I doubt they were all straight as a die married types.

Ever since I could remember I had always prefer the company of mature lovers and in the last few years that had been more men in my bed then woman, something that I had noted, but hey as we all get older our sexual tastes change along with everything else. I had to seem a totally straight guy in my profession, however when I arrived home I would be on the internet as soon as I could cursing for old and new contacts for some good old fashions kinky fun.

My sexual tastes had really taken a trip to the darker side, I just adore anything with kink or fetish, large cigars were always a turn on for me as well as leather, rubber, PVC, latex, cross dressing, large anal toys, cum and just about what ever role play I could think of with likeminded souls. It seemed I was a pervert that loved the seedier side of sex and I thanked my lucky stars for it.

I spoke to Ken on the phone who turned out to be a really nice guy with a deep almost throaty voice, he would not take no for an answer it would seem, so I agreed to meet him that evening, because he had talked me into joining as a member who was still working, apparently this was allowed mainly because they needed new blood because many of the older guys were falling by the wayside. I met Ken that evening at his wonderful large house on the outskirts of town. I had walked because even though I could never remember meeting the guy before, he lived only a mile from my home.

It appeared Ken had only been living in the town for the last year moving up from London after retiring from a job in banking. Ken was no different from many of the people who lived in our small town; many were either retired or used out town for their second homes, which was having an effect of pushing up house prices so locals had to move out in order to buy a home. Ken was not silly when it came to what was happening to the town, even though he was seen as one of the outsiders to some, Ken had made sure he had made local friends by joining all s. The fact that he had been a bank manager and was a natural leader made him the perfect man to chair as he called it.

I really liked Ken straight away, he had that way with him that could make one feel at ease and along with the brandies that he was feeding me like they were going out of fashion; he also offered me a wonder cigar because like me Ken was an avid cigar smoker. Therefore sitting in his wonderful longue on a black leather chair that could of graced any London club, I felt really good, puffing on a monster cigar and pouring brandy down my throat as I listened intensively to ever word.

It must have been nine when I staggered out of kens house and back to mine. His hospitality had been wonderful and to be honest I already had a crush on the man. Ken was nearing seventy; however he had a body of a guy half his age, his slicked back short grey hair looked great along with his dark eyes. He looked like he lived on a sun bed because he was so brown, his full lips and high cheek bones looked almost feminine because even though he was nearing seventy he had an almost lineless face that told me he was no stranger to the knife.

When we shook hands his grip had been very firm; however, I had noted that his nails were quite long for a mans and very well manicured. Something told me that there was more to our Ken than met the eye, and I was dying to know why a gorgeous mature guy like Ken was happy living alone being a lifelong confirmed bachelor.

Ken had asked me to give a talk at his house on the subject of oil extraction, hardly a reverting subject for me, however he said it would go down well with the other members and it would be a good way of meeting my other club members.

I hit the hay that night feeling both drunk and happy, the idea of being a member of this local club still seemed a bit funny to me; however I could see that if I was lucky I might just well strike up some friendships that could lead to some wonderful sex.

I walked back up to Kens arriving before twelve; most of the guys were there, many with their wives. I knew some of them and we all had a long chat before I started my talk on oil. I could not believe how fascinating they found the subject, so after speaking for about thirty minutes, I was surprised that the group clapped after I had finished.

Ken had organised a light lunch for everyone with loads of wine, so after a couple of hours the last of Kens guests had gone and we were both sitting outside smoking cigars and chatting about the merits of living on our own. The wine had gone to my head a bit and I knew it would not be long before the subject would turn to sex. Ken had asked me why a good looking guy like me was not married with a young family, I said I could ask the same of him and he smiled at this.

"Unless I am wrong William, I believe we are cut from the same cloth; it would seem we both find out pleasures in other directions, am I right?" asked Ken.

"Yes," I said, without doubt, pleasure for me came in many forms and the happy family was not one of them. He smiled at my answer and asked if I had anyone special in my life at the moment. "No," I said, "however Im always looking."

He walked over to my chair with the wine, filling my glass once again and gave me a smile that suggested if I was up for it, he was most certainly in the mood for a long hot session. I rubbed his leg as he stood in front of me in his casual cream trousers and jacket, he looked a sight for sore eyes and Ken could see I was becoming aroused by the site of the bulge which was only a foot from my face.

Ken took a huge inhale from his large cigar asking me in his throaty voice if I liked what I could see; I smiled taking a large inhale from my cigar saying I loved it. I pulled down Kens zipper gently making sure my hand touch his ever increasing bulge saying "Looks like you need a little help with that."

Kens cock was huge; he also had a large ring in his large helmet that looked so inviting to pull with my teeth. I took a hug drag from my cigar and blew the smoke along the whole shaft, before taking the whole nine inches into my throat and let Ken fuck me for all he was worth. I have always loved my throat being fucked, basically I enjoy all my holes being filled by cock, so I just went to work on Ken making sure I did not gag under the train of his huge manhood in my hungry throat.

I would not let Ken pull out until he had feed me his man juice, so after about ten minutes of hard throat fucking Ken stated to go tense as I worked his arse hard with my hands. I knew Ken would not be able to take any more, so when he stated to jerk and call out in passion I was rewarded with his wonderful cum that filled my throat until I could feel his man cream gently running down my throat and into the pit of my stomach.

"That was good," said Ken as he regained his composure.

I said, "Good, I hope that is just the start of a wonderful friendship."

He replied, "Yes of course," and we kissed holding each other so tight, I could hardly breathe. I followed Ken upstairs to his bed room and we stripped each other before we took our positions on the bed. Ken had a wonderful four poster bed and I could see where I was going to spend a lot of time in the future. I held Kens hairless body and kissed and licked him from his neck to his nipples and onto his cock, which was fast becoming aroused once more.

I worked my tongue into his pussy, rimming him until he was hard again, I knew Ken wanted my eight inch cock, but I wanted to hold back a while and heighten the pleasure we were both feeling. My cock and nipples were rock hard and I slipped on a condom from a draw next to the bed before applying some lube. Ken pussy was already wet from my saliva so it was easy to push my cock in to his wonderful sloppy pussy. Ken bucked back along my shaft as I took him from behind.

I thrust hard and harder into him as he scream out for more, I found it wonderful to have this gorgeous older man on the end of my cock crying out, harder, harder. Ken was a wonderful slut, a real whore and I knew I had fallen on my feet; he worked my cock with his arse like a skilled whore and after fifteen minutes of fucking him in many positions. I finally shot my cum in his face after removing the condom. Ken licked greedily as I

This was the first time I had felt complete for a very long time and never had I felt this with a woman. I knew then that Ken and I were going to make a big difference to each other--and to be honest I wanted more...much more.

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