Dad Gets Wired Up

Peter was 40 years old, 6ft with short brown hair and an average build that maybe needed a little work around the mid drift. Women often referred to him as cute which he hated at his age. He would have preferred handsome or at least good looking.

Peters dad had never been much for computers and technology. Peter remembered not that long ago his Dad still struggling to set the DVD to record. Imagine his surprise to his dads new found love of computers when Peter turned up at his house.

Jack was 59 with a thick head of salt and pepper hair, 510" with a mostly smooth well defined body. He had been very athletic in his youth and still maintained a regular fitness routine. He wished his son had shared a bit more of his sport enthusiasm but he never shown any interest in any kind of sport activity.

"I have cameras set up outside the house hooked up to my computer so I can monitor the house, even when not here I can log on and check over the internet connection," his Dad explained to Peters astonishment.

"You did this all by yourself Dad?"

"Yeah, I bought the computer and a few books. It was really easy son."

Peter was amazed as he checked out the computer set up in his Dads study that looked more like the inside of the star ship enterprise.

"So are you staying over tonight son?"

"Yeah, if thats okay Dad."

"Sure I put clean sheets in the spare room and a clean towel so you can have a shower or bath."

"Great--thanks Dad!"

"You want a coffee son?"

"Yes please."

Peters Dad left him checking out the computer set up and Peter could not resist checking out the views from the cameras. He clicked through each camera first viewing outside and then some inside. Living room, main hall, then the next click revealed a close up of the bath; the next was a close up over looking the toilet bowl and the last one over the bed in the spare room. Peter was surprised and a little curious as to why the cams upstairs were in such locations.

He looked through saved cam files and located a couple of recordings. He double clicked on one labeled "workman" dated three days earlier. Peters first reaction was shock as the video began to play of a young man standing, holding his cock, and pissing into the toilet bowl. As he watched his reaction went from shock to arousal as the man finished off pissing before giving his cock a few good healthy shakes and some slow strokes as he picked up what looked like a porn magazine on the shelf. The young man flicked through the pages stopping at some for a better look. He held the magazine in one hand and appeared to begin stroking his cock with the other.

Peter quickly stopped and closed down the file as he heard his Dad coming up the stairs.

It was early evening when they was sat chatting drinking a beer. Peter found himself distracted by the constant thought of the image on his Dads computer.

"So are you going to have a shower or bath first?" his dad asked.

Peter smiled at his Dad, nervously thinking of the camera aimed at the bath.

"Yeah sure Dad... Ill have one now before dinner."

"Okay then, I will have one after you."

Peter found himself in the bathroom stood nervously looking in the mirror as he wondered where the cameras were located and if they were turned on. Peter undressed as he looked around the bathroom the bath water running. Peter stood naked at the toilet and began to piss remembering the video. He found himself first of all getting aroused at the thought of the image and then aroused by the thought that he was maybe being watched.

Before he knew it he stood with his cock in his hand fully erect; as he stroked it his eyes closed. He wondered if he was being recorded as pulled his foreskin all the way back to display his large swollen purple cock head on the end of a perfect 6 inch shaft. His balls swung low as he continued stroking at the thought of being the subject of his Dads masturbation.

Peter heard footsteps coming up the stairs and assumed it must be his Dad going in to the study. Peter walked to the bath and turned of the water before stepping in. He laid in the hot water for a while his cock constantly throbbing. He reminded himself of the view of the camera before he grabbed the soap and stood up.

Peter faced where he believed the camera to be and began soaping up his slightly hairy chest. The soap suds dripping down on to his standing cock. His hands moved lower to lather up his hairy stomach that was maybe a little larger then he liked. He continued lower his hands grasping his hard cock and soaping its full length a number of times before he began soaping and tugging his balls. Peter felt more aroused then he had been for along time as he purposefully put on a show.

In the next room Jack turned on his computer screen. "Just a quick look will be okay" he said to himself as he clicked on one of the camera icons. A box popped up on the screen and he could see his son laid out in the bath. He sat watching for a few minutes as his son remained still and then his son reached over grabbing the soap before standing up.

Jack found himself grabbing at his crutch as he watched his son stand up and face the camera. He stood naked and clearly fully erect and began soaping his upper torso. Jack undid his zipper as he watched. He slipped his hand inside to grasp his bare meat that was already reacting at seeing his son naked and aroused.

Jack could make out his sons large cock head that looked out of proportion to the shaft. He watched as his son began to soap the shaft of his cock and then his balls. Jack pulled his own cock out of his trousers and began stroking quickly as he spoke to himself.

"Yes son come on rub your cock for daddy; yeah that looks good. Dad likes watching you stroke off do it for Daddy."

Peter rinsed of the water before returning to stroking his cock. Pulling the foreskin forward to cover his cock head and then slowly pulling it back. He let go completely and let his cock bounce up and down as he contracted his muscles. Peter rubbed his finger over his piss slit that was oozing pre cum and found himself then putting his fingers to his mouth.

"Yeah, be a dirty boy for Daddy!" Jack said as he watched his son smear pre cum onto his hands then into his mouth. Jack rubbed his fingers over his own pre cum and put it to his lips as he continued stroking his manhood with a tight-fisted grip while transfixed to the video feed.

Peter rubbed his cock between his palms like he was trying to make fire with a stick. He felt every muscle in his body tense as he increased the speed and pressure. He felt close to ejaculating as his breath become fast and shallow. He found himself talking to himself in a low voice as he got near the edge.

"Yeah I hope youre watching this; here it comes--this is for you Dad. Watch your son empty his load." Peter let go of his cock completely as several loads of hot white cum came shooting out. Peter moped up the last remaining drops from the end of his cock and put them in his mouth.

Jack watched as his son used his palms on either side of his cock to rub up and down. He could see his body tensing as his mouth seemed to mouth words. Jack stroked harder as he watched his son let go of his cock and shoot several milky streams. Jack groaned loudly as he released several shots of his own Daddy milk.

As Peter rinsed off, his cum he thought he heard a groaning noise. He stopped and listened, but heard no more. Peter sat opposite his Dad at the dinner table as they ate dinner. As he sat looking at his Dad he soon felt horny as he thought about the camera positioned over his bed in the spare room.


Peter was restless and horny as he lay in bed. He glanced over at the clock that digits glowed red. "Shit 1 am" Peter sat up as he pulled back the sheets. He thought a glass of milk might help him sleep so quietly made his way down stairs to the kitchen wearing just his white briefs.

On the way back to the spare room he stopped and looked at the closed office door. Just a quick look he thought to himself. He gently opened the study door and went in. His eyes had adjusted to the dark enough to be able to make out what was where.

The computer screen illuminated the room with a blue glow as he moved the mouse. "OK lets see what we got here" Peter said to himself as he located the cam folder again.

He skipped past the workman labelled file he had seen partially and clicked on one marked "Max student". Peter knew that his dad often taught English from home to foreign students and workers.

The video footage started with a clock in the corner giving the time. The first image showed a handsome young man in his early 20s with short blonde hair and an eastern European look. The young man unzipped his jeans and held his small uncut cock in his hand as he began to piss. Then he shook off the last few drops before giving it a few strokes and putting it away. The video jumped and next he saw his dad walk in the bathroom. He placed a magazine next to the toilet and then left.

The video jumped again and the recording time changed to an hour later. The young man walked back in and again unzipped. Peter watched the young man pissing and then reaching for the magazine his father had left out. The young man put it on the toilet system and thumbed through it as he continued pissing. Peter watched as the young mans cock become semi hard and the last streams of piss shot out. This time however the young man remained stood holding his cock as he looked through the magazine lightly stroking himself until he was hard.

Peter felt his own cock throb in his briefs as he watched and he reached down and began to grope his own hard cock as he watched.

The young man continued blissfully unaware he was being filmed as he let his jeans drop to the floor showing he wore no underwear and he stroked the full length of his erection. Suddenly he saw the young man stop and twist around. He put his hands over his cock his jeans still at his ankles as a look of shock come over his face.

His dad entered the video and Peter watched as his dad smiled and rested his hand on the young mans shoulder. He wondered what was being said between the two as he watched his fathers free hand reach over to the magazine and flick over a few pages.

Then his fathers hands grabbed the boys wrists and moved them out of the way to display the young mans still hard throbbing cock. The young man looked down as his father let go of his wrists and again rested one on the young mans shoulder.

Peter watched as they appeared to have a brief conversation. His father still gently smiling gripping the young mans shoulder.

Then he watched as his father undone his own trousers and pulled out his large hard cock. His father looked down at his own cock giving it a few strokes and then made eye contact with the young man.

(2 weeks ago)

Jack went to the bathroom and placed the magazine next to the toilet. "OK that should do it, let see what we catch today" he said to himself. Then he went back down to his student Max.

His name was not really Max but Jack could never pronounce his Russian name so had nick named him Max which the young man appeared to like. He hand short blonde hair, blue eyes, a defined jaw line and a lean build. He always wore clothes that clung to his torso showing of his well shaped chest, shoulders, tapered waist and rounded butt.

"Sir can I use your toilet again please" the young man said looking almost apologetic "Sure, must be all that beer going through you" "Yes must be" Max had a strong accent and his English was slow but you could understand him.

Jack waited a few moments before making his way up to the study and turning on his computer. He watched the screen show the young man pissing a strong healthy stream as he flicked through the magazine he had left.

Jack felt his cock quickly harden as he saw Max begin to become semi hard and then fully erect as he stroked his cock still captivated by the images.

Then Jack done something he had not planned. He quietly made his way to the bathroom. The door was slightly open and he saw that Max had let his jeans drop to his ankles showing off his perfect rounded smooth butt. Jack swung open the door and Max quickly looked round his hands covering his erect cock. "Sorry sir I was..." Max was lost for words and stuttering trying to think of some English to explain what he was doing but it was all to clear. Jack walked over to him smiling and speaking in a calm reassuring voice "Hey, hey it is alright. You have not done anything wrong" Jack placed his hand gently on the young mans shoulder as he looked into his puppy eyes. "Nothing to get upset about is there" "Sorry I should not of..." "It is very natural you know we all do it. Why do you think I have the magazine?"

The young mans welled up with tears and it looked as if he might cry. Jack gripped his wrists and gently moved his hands. "Nothing to worry about or to get upset about. It is all very natural" Jack rested his hand on the young mans shoulder again as he looked down and now clearly saw Maxs erect cock covered in foreskin and still throbbing as it leaked clear glistening pre cum.

Jack undone his own trousers and pulled out his own thick hard cock. "Look. You see perfectly natural. It happens to me too and I deal with it in the same way you do" Jack began stroking his own cock as Max watched.

Max stood motionless watching for a few minutes before he began stroking his own cock. Jack let go of his cock and tensed his muscles making it jump and throb. "You see even an old man like me can get it up hard. Feel our hard that is"

Jack looked Max in the eye and Max reached forward hesitantly before his hand gently touched Jacks hard manhood. First his fingers just gently touched it but as he got confidence Max gripped it in his hand gently stroking the hot hard man cock.

"That feels rock hard right" Jack said trying not to groan with excitement as the young man stroked his cock. "Yeah feels good" Max said in almost a whisper.

Jack reached forward and touched Maxs young cock in his hand. It felt good as he touched it and he heard Max let out a light whimper as he gripped his cock tight.

They looked into each others eyes and then at each others cocks as they rubbed and explored.

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