Surprising Dad

My story begins when I was about nineteen years old. I was full of raging hormones and racing thoughts about sex. Every thing I thought about had a sexual undertone to it. I found that I masturbated a lot, and was able to get off on just about anything. But I think the one thing that turned me on the most back then, was the first time that I saw my father's cock as he was walking around the house. He used to walk around all of the time in just his briefs. I found this very hot. We lived alone during this time. He was in his mid fifties and very professional and preppy looking. He was a bit on the husky side and, I thought very attractive.

One night after I had gone to bed, I got up from my sleep having to pee really badly. I didn't think twice about looking to see if someone was in bathroom I went in. My dick was hard in my tight white briefs with having to pee so badly, that I just flung the door open and rushed in with my dick already pulled out of my tight white briefs.

I was totally surprised to see my father jerking his stiff cock staring in the mirror. He quickly stopped and covered up with his hand. His white briefs were pulled down in front with just his big cock and huge balls hanging out. I reached for the toilet seat and lifted it. He looked at me and smiled as I relieved my bladder, staring straight into the toilet as I did so. As hard as I tried not to look at the large cock he tried to cover up as I pissed, I could still see it out of the corner of my eye. I kind of thought it strange that he made no move to put it away. He just kept his hand still and I could see his dick throbbing under his heavy hand. In his other hand he had a small brown bottle he was trying to disguise.

I hurried up and shook myself off and turned toward the door to go back to bed. My father touched a hand to my shoulder and smiled. "We men have to take care of things like this from time to time," he said. I smiled with embarrassment and stood there frozen as his hand began to move slowly down my arm. I stood there for a second as my eyes went to his meat. He gave it another stroke and looked at me as I eyed his prick; I wanted to taste it so bad. My briefs were tight my own hard on, and getting wet from pre-cum.

"You do play with yours, don't you?" he asked me as he gave his dick another jerk, pulling pre-cum to the tip of its head.

"Yeah, sure," I said, feeling little pulses in my balls and my dick head pressing against the front of my white briefs.

My father motioned me to the toilet seat. "Sit down son. Let's talk." I took a seat on the closed toilet seat and trying to keep my eyes to a neutral place on the floor, as not to stare at his dick, but I could still see, and it was turning me on. I wanted to touch his, and see how it felt in my hand. I already knew what mine felt like, but I'd never seen anything like his. I folded my hands in my lap, pressing them down against my dick. "You're excited seeing your dads cock, aren't you?" I wasn't sure how to respond to that question. I just kept my eyes lowered and nodded my head yes.

I saw his feet move closer to me, and then his hand touched the underneath of my chin. "Would you like to touch it?" I looked up at him now and smiled faintly. "Sure," I whispered. He took my hand and placed it on his oversized shaft. I could feel his pulse throbbing and its large pink head looked as if it were ready to explode. "Go on, son, give it a good squeeze," he said as his hand began to rub my palm up and then back down the length of his dick. He let out a little moan of pleasure and looked at me smiling. "I bet your cock is just as plump and hard as mine is." I felt my cheeks redden and I wasn't sure how to tell him that it indeed was as hard as his, but not as big. "Come on, let me see it. Take it out for your dad. Let me see how much it's grown."

I took my free hand and stuck it in the opening of my briefs, pulling my dick free. He smiled and licked his lips. He moved his hand from mine and I left it on his dick motionless. He moved his hand to the head of my dick and ran his middle finger over the slit. I jumped at his touch and closed my eyes, feeling how wonderfully warm my father's fingers felt on the tip of my dick. "You like that son?" I opened my eyes and looked back to his dick where my hand remained there like it was frozen, and his pre-cum was running between the back of my fingers.

He stepped between my parted legs and touched a hand to the back of my neck. He looked down at me with love and admiration in his eyes. "Taste it son," he whispered, pulling my head closer to his dick head, and the dripping pre-cum that was lingering on its slit. I stuck my tongue out slightly the slick juice over my tongue. It didn't taste like anything, but it was slippery and warm. I stuck my tongue out a little farther, and this time he slipped passed my lips and into my mouth. "That's it," he said, closing his eyes and leaning his head back. "Taste your daddy's cock." He put a small bottle under my nose and told me to inhale deep, he did the same. As I did my head was spinning. All I wanted was more of my Dad. I was more turned on than ever. His hand groped around for my dick, and pulled on its tip, just under the sensitive head. The band of my briefs was around the base of my rock hard shaft. I found myself inching closer to him so that he could get his hand around it better. When I did, he squeezed it, jerking it upward with gentle pressure causing me to moan while sucking his cock.

I opened my mouth farther allowing him to go deeper in. I could smell his pubes as I started to slurp on his huge cock head. He inhaled from the little brown bottle again and started to moan. He pulled himself out of my mouth and jerked off, his first jets of his cum squirted out. I watched in awe as his cock splashed its contents all over me as he jerked it hard and violently. I was so caught up in watching him. He fed me another hit from that little bottle, and now I was ready to cum. I was jerking my own dick, and it was now shooting out its liquid. I had a violent orgasm and came like a fountain all over my legs, tummy and briefs.

I looked down to see my hand covered with my white liquid, and my father pulling the last few drops off his cock with his fingers. He looked at me and smiled, "That was hot wasn't it?" He tucked his cock back into his briefs and looked down at my fingers that were covered in cum. "That was hot boy, we should do it again." He patted me on the shoulder and stepped out of the bathroom.

I sat there a few minutes as my brain caught up with what had just happened. I heard his bedroom door shut as I looked down at the large amount of cum that had covered my hand and was dripping all over my now translucent white briefs. I stared at my hand and my dick for a long time, before touching my tongue to my own cum and tasting it. I had wished in that moment that I had allowed my father to blow his load in my mouth instead of all over me.

My dick was getting hard all over again from the mere thought. I cant wait to play with dad again.

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