Josh, Jensen, Me And Doms Dick

It was July 4th just ten days ago when I discovered that there is nothing boy left to me. By that I mean that I am a young man, and there is nothing left to me bodily of sexually that is little boy anymore. This epiphany came over me on this years annual "guys weekend". This is a weekend that my brothers and I have taken every summer since I was about ten. It has always been so much fun, because I am an avid outdoorsmen, and so are my three brothers and together we always have a lot of fun, but for me and my brother Dominic this camp out would be Extra Fun!

It all started on a Thursday night when my brothers all met at my house to prep for the upcoming weekend. Every year we pick a place to meet and get ready for the upcoming three days. My brothers Josh, 41 (the oldest), Jensen, 36 (the second oldest), Dominic, 34 (the second youngest), and I, 24 all get together at one of our houses and pack, plan, and eventually shower and get ready. (We also have a sister, that's five in all ... my poor mother!) Our wives all think this is hilarious because we are all grown men, but we act like we are about 14 on our camp weekend. Anyway, it all started that Thursday night when we were getting ready for our ritual groom & bath. I have a huge walk-in shower in my basement gym, so basically all four of us were able to shower at the same time. It was when we were undressing that I noticed my brother Dom watching me. I looked at him and he was kind of smiling a devilish little grin.

I said, "What"?!

He just chuckled a little and said, "I just can't believe that my little brother, the same little brother I used to crush between my arm and force to say uncle, is now this tall strapping man."

I was a little shocked, but just took it as a compliment, and said, "Thanks, D." See my mom had me last and later in life, and all of my brothers were quite a bit older than me. Dom and I were the closest being almost exactly ten years apart, but there were times when we didn't get along either. And on top of that by the time I came along I was spoiled rotten. I came into the family right around the time my dad retired from General Motors so I was a spoiled pension baby, and Dom especially always hated that. So anyway, having a compliment from him was very rare!

Friday came and we all hopped into Josh's Suburban. With 4 guys, 4 dome tents, and a bevy of food and gear you would think that would be stuffy but it wasn't bad. And let me tell you none of my brothers are the type of guys that anyone would mind getting sweaty and raunchy with, we are all pretty good looking, pretty well built men.

We got to the campground and settled into our tents and set up camp. Once we are at the campground we all usually go our separate ways during the day, then we meet up and have a huge fire at night. So I spent the majority of that hot sunny 3rd of July day shirtless on the back of my sister Diane and her husband Tony's houseboat. I got back to the site at sunset to a wonderful site. My three brothers were all there just chillin' each one bare-chested with either bathing suits or towels on. My brothers Josh and Jensen were a site each with their bathing suits and baseball caps on, both roasting a hot dog over the fire. But it was Dom who was absolutely breathtaking. He was standing there by the fire with a towel wrapped loosely around his waist. His sexy upper body gleamed in the setting sun. His furry pecs and belly shimmered in the hot summer sun. He is a beautiful man. Dom just turned 34 in May and he doesn't look a day over 25. He has a rockin' body not too skinny, not too chubby, with just the right amount of body hair. He has a shaved head because he is starting to bald a little on top. He has a thin black goatee and chiseled features. Dominic is pretty much the perfect man in every way, shape, and form. He has a beautiful wife and twin girls, he has a 3 million dollar home, and a job on computers that he dosen't discuss. Anyway he was an absolute vision. I just like to watch my brothers interact, I always have. They are all beautiful men, even my brother Josh who is in his early 40's is a stunner! I really never noticed it before this camping trip, but I would go to bed with any one of those guys. And it just so happens that I did.


The next day was the forth of July, and the campgrounds were erupting in fireworks, and other festivities. I spent that day on the beach with my brother Jensen. It is fascinating how much you stop knowing about the people that you were always closest to, when you grow up and move into your own life. Jensen is my misunderstood brother. He is this hardcore looking Italian man, who looks like he could work for Don Corleone. He is a really good looking man he is 36 almost 37. Jensen has never been married, largely because all during his twenties he was hard into cocaine and heroine. When he turned 30 he went away to a rehab house and came out a new man. It was fun on the beach that day he chased girls and we swam in the lake. We talked, I found out that he recently started going to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He told me that he didn't want anyone to know because it seemed like whenever he told the family of his achievements they go away. Anyway, that was fun and fascinating, but for me it wouldn't all come full circle until late that night. To be blunt, all of us got drunk! I passed out in my tent at about 1 am. I was asleep when I heard Dom stumble into my tent. He was stone drunk and didn't realize that he had his own tent. I barked at him and told him to go to his own tent but he wouldn't listen. He stripped off h is T-shirt and laid next to me. I can remember it being a little uncomfortable, but at the same time I kinda liked it! My half naked older brother was passes out stone drunk next to me, but I would end up liking it much more.

A couple of hours later I woke up to my brothers stroking his fingertips over my shoulder. He giggled a little bit, and I thought I should stop him but I didn't. I turned over onto my back and put my hand behind my head. Dom continued to stroke his fingers then eventually his hand over my chest, armpits, and belly. Now at first I thought he was so drunk he probably thought I was his wife Jessica. But when he felt over my body and noticed a lack of double-D's and in their place hard pecs covered in hair, wouldn't he know? Then I got a little more weary because he started to kiss and muzzle against my hairy pits and pecs. I was going to stop him but the stubble and the mustache, and that big leathery tongue felt so good. And the smell of beer on his breath just sent me over the edge. I didn't really know what to think of what was going on but I just let it happen. Next thing I knew Dom came to his knees, but I noticed one thing that was to my advantage and disadvantage, he was asleep! I thought if he dosent wake u p this could be fun, but if he does he's going to flip out. Anyway, bro came to his knees and gently but hastily pulled my shorts off. It was kind of funny because he lowered his head between my legs with the intention to probably eat pussy, but instead he came upon my hard 8 inch cock. He licked around down there with his long thick tongue, lapping it through my thick pubic bush, and around my hairy tight balls. Then it was almost as if he got it. He downed my 8 inch prick, slow at first until he understood what he was working with. I was careful not to gag him, or allow him to gag himself because I didn't want his to wake up. Eventually he was able to take my big thick cock all the way down. I kept gently pulling back a little so he wouldn't gag. After a while of rambunctious sucking and licking, Dom decided to do something that really scared me. He pulled down his shorts to reveal his huge cock. I wasn't sure what his plan was. Then I got scared he lowered his massive member down to the area where he would normally stick it into his wife's pussy. I thought to myself Oh Shit! His dick was about 9 inches long, maybe longer, and very thick (very Lucky wife, very nervous me!). I knew that once he tried to stick it in me and it didn't slide right in, I was going to be in trouble. I kept pulling back trying to think of what I was going to do. All of the sudden he wrapped his big fingers around my hips and said, "Don't worry little brother I won't hurt you." I was relieved and petrified at the same time.

I said, "You have been awake this whole time?"

He said, "You woke me up right around the first time I deep throated your big donkey dick." He chuckled a little and said, "It's ok little bro, I have wanted to rip you a new asshole since you were about 10!" I laughed a little bit, but I knew that if I let him keep going that this was literally going to be like getting a new asshole. My brother Dom is a very VERY well endowed man, and to have that dick go up my tight asshole was going to hurt! He said, "I know you're a little scared and you should be, I'm huge, but if you want me to I can loosen you up a little." I shook my head in agreement. Dom told me to turn around into the position that my wife would be in if I were going to fuck her doggy style. I obeyed my big brother and got into position. Dom spread my hard muscular ass cheeks apart and started licking my ass hole. It felt so good he sopped it up so it was soaked with his warm gooey spit. He said, "Damn dude it's a lot like Jessica only hairy!" Then he went back to it slowly entering the fingers of his left hand into my hole while bobbing his hard huge cock against mine. Before we knew it he had his index, middle, and ring fingers plunged into my tigh t ass. I liked it, I could feel his Platinum wedding band scarping my spincter a little. He said, "OK baby bro I think your ready for me now." He slowly coaxed his massive horse cock into my still tight asshole. This wasn't the first time I had done this, but he was the most man I had ever been with! Finally he was all in his gigantic balls were beating my ass, and his thick black pubic bush was grinding against the top of my ass. He fucked me hard for a minute, then he leaned back and I rode him in reverse cowboy style. He continued to jerk my still hard cock while gripping onto my hairy belly for balance. He said, "Let me know when you going to cum, because I want to cum in you at the same time."

I said, "OK." Five minutes went by both of us were covered in sweat, and in unison we both came. Dom pumped his thick hot load into my asshole and I was having such an intense orgasm that I didn't pay attention to where mine was going I just let loose. I wanted to scream but I knew my other brothers were sleeping in tents around us. I finished cumming, and looked back to see Dom licking something off of his hand. "Caught it!" he said with a big sexy smile. He gently pulled his gynourmous cock out of my hole, and with it oozed much of the baby batter that he shot into it. I reached behind as it trickled out of my sexed asshole, and reached around and rubbed it all over Dom's hairy pecs and pits. Then I gently kissed and licked it from his buff chest, moving over to his ripped arms to lap it up from his very hairy extremely sweaty armpits. To me there is no better taste than a man's armpits after a long day in the woods and a rousing sweaty sexual encounter in a tent.

Dom, and laid on his side butt naked, and waved for me to come lay in his arms. He wrapped his strong arms around me and pulled me against his buff chest. I could feel his warm, soft, hairy belly pressing up against my back, and his softened cock and pubic bush against my butt. It was a very sexy night, one I will not soon forget. The one thing that has really stuck with me since that night was the fact that as we relaxed and cuddled, my bigger brother whispered into my ear, "Yunno little bro you are definitely not a little boy anymore!"

I turned to him and said, "Why do you keep saying that Dom, I know I am a grown man?"

He said, "You have to come into being a man, it is not marked by age, height, or how much you bang your wife." He said, "You know you are a man when you are not afraid to go out on a limb and take a chance. You know you're a man when you face the world and do it with a stone cold smirk on your face. And most of all you know you are a man when you can take your brother's 10 inch dick up your ass and think nothing of it, Ha Ha Ha, it ripped Jess up for the first six months we had sex!"

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