Granddad Is Drunk

It would be true to say my granddad enjoyed a drink. It was often a topic of discussion as to whether to invite him to family occasions as he often got loud and spoke his mind after a few drinks. It was on one of his drinking binges that he managed to injure his leg falling over. I was given the task at 21 of looking after him for a few days. It was not my idea of fun but I could not get out of it.

I had always had a thing about granddad. He was 6ft with short silver hair, a large stocky build, short silver/grey beard and a booming voice. He would never take no for an answer and had an air of authority about him.

I arrived late evening at granddads and put my bags in the small guest room. It had the same musky odour I remembered as a kid. In fact the dcor had remained the same brown and beige colours for years.

I made my way down to the living room where granddad sat on the sofa wearing his bathrobe. His leg wrapped in a support and rested up on a small foot stall. He was watching TV and drinking his whisky form a large cut crystal glass.

"So how are you feeling granddad" I asked as I sat down

"How do you think Im fucking feeling my legs in a bandage" he replied in a grumpy voice.

I could see this was going to be a fun long evening. "Anything I can get you granddad"

"Some more whisky!" he looked at me holding out his glass. "What? It helps with the pain."

"No problem granddad I will go and get i.t"

The evening dragged as we sat most of the time in silence just watching the TV. I looked over at granddad to see his bathrobe had fallen open and his hairy chest, cock and balls were all on display. I wondered if he even realised as I looked at his short but very fat cock surrounded by a thick bush of grey pubic hair, its foreskin hanging right over the cock head and two very large wrinkled balls hanging down.

I watched as his hand reached down giving his balls an itch and then a slow tug before he give his cock a quick rub. He sipped his drink and again reached down with his free hand to rub his cock this time for a little longer as he let out a deep groan. I quickly turned to watch the TV but could see his hand out of the corner of my eye.

When I looked again his cock looked to be a semi aroused 6" as he had gone from a casual rub to a purposeful stroking. His hand gripping his manhood not seeming to even care that I was in the room. I felt aroused by the fact he was so open. Sitting there watching TV handling his thick cock as I watched.

"Come and sit next to me on the couch boy" he said as he looked at me

"Its okay granddad Im fine here".

"I said come and sit down next to me!" This time his voice was firm and I knew it was not a question.

I got up and sat a couple feet away from granddad on the couch. I felt my face flush red as I looked down at him still rubbing his hard cock which was now a full 7 inches long and so thick his large hand could barely fit around it.

"You ever play with your mates boy?"

I was not sure in what context he meant but had an idea, "I err... yeah sometimes."

"Good... good its a fun thing to do."

"Yeah sure granddad," I said still a bit nervous and unsure.

"Why dont you be a good boy and move a little closer and play with granddads cock." I looked him in the eyes and then down at his cock. "It wont bite, come on, just a bit of fun with your special granddad."

I shifted closer and my hand reached over to his cock as he let go. I grabbed it my hand which was too small to reach around the girth. It was warm and hard in my hand as I gently began to stroke it pulling back the foreskin bit by bit exposing more of his swollen purple cock head.

"Yeah, thats right that feels good," granddad said before taking another sip of whisky. With the next stroke I pulled back the foreskin completely exposing a very large mushroom shaped cock head that was already dripping pre cum that give of a distinct odour.

My own cock throbbed within my tight jeans as I continued to stroke granddads manhood.

"Youre doing good boy," granddad said before letting out a few groans. "Why dont you take a closer look?" granddad added, smiling.

I lowered my head slightly continuing the rhythmic strokes.


I moved closer my face inches away from his cock as I watched in detail my hand strokes and saw every vein in his thick shaft.

"Why dont you suck your granddads cock boy?"

I froze wondering what to do, knowing that this was not a question either. I felt my own cock oozing pre cum and felt an element of excitement as the odour of his cock filled my nose. I opened my mouth and my lips touched the top of his cock head the pre cum sticking to my mouth. I lowered my head taking his manhood slowly in my mouth tasting the salty syrupy fluid that constantly leaked out. My lips reached his balls as I began to gag feeling his cock head touch the back of my throat.

Granddad groaned his free hand holding my head down keeping his full length of cock in my mouth as he took another sip of his whisky. He removed his hand and I began to motion my head up and down his shaft occasionally pulling all the way off to lick around his cock head. Granddads breath became heavy as I continued.

"Youre doing well boy, granddad is getting close."

I felt his body tense up as his hand grabbed the back of my head his hips thrusting forward making me gag more as every last part of his manhood pushed down my throat.

"Keep going boy, granddad has something for you."

His body shook as he groaned and finally he pushed his hips hard against me as he emptied his creamy hot load down my throat. I felt every salty drop slide down with ease as his cock remained deep in my mouth.

Finally granddad let go of my head and relaxed allowing me to sit up. I wondered how I would cope another two nights at granddads...

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