Giving Dad A Helping Hand

Let me start by telling you that I am no spring chicken. I am an ordinary 35 year old bloke with an in shape hairy body, a number of tattoos and buzz cut hair. I work in construction so I have to be able to give shit to the guys to get work done. Maybe I am too old to have daddy fantasies but I do. I find older guys get me so damn hot.

Daddies or granddads between 50- 85 various shapes and sizes, hairy smooth. Some old guys with hairy pot bellies made me drool too.

I was visiting dad at his new home. Well I say dad he was my sort of adopted dad. He was my school buddies dad and he would often take me with them on weekend breaks camping and fishing. I had a crush on him even back then.

When my mate was 25 he was killed in a motorbike accident. From that moment my bond with his dad become closer and he even referred to me as son.

He had split from his wife sometime ago and had only just got around to finding his own place which needed some work. He had the basics and I was helping with plastering the bedrooms before decorating. It was 5pm and we decided it was time to pack up.

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