I knew was watching as I was kneeling on my bed naked, my arm reaching between my thighs slowly fingering my arse. Sliding first one and then two lube wet fingers in and out as I gently thrust my hips backwards and forwards.

I knew he was watching and I did not care. If anything it added excitement to the moment. Knowing he could see me explore and open my slick wet arse. I wanted him to watch, I wanted him to see as each finger slid all the way in to the warm enclosure.

I grabbed my dildo and greased the length before teasing my hole with its cock headed tip. Gently, slowly and purposely I lowered my weight on to the awaiting thick pink dildo as I gripped it by the veined latex balls.

Inch by inch I felt it slide in as I groaned allowed "fuck me". I was aroused by the sensation as it entered my arse. Aroused by the thought that was watching every moment as my arse was entered. Aroused at the thought of it being his cock entering me, violating me, impregnating me with his hot overflowing seed.

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