Johns Dad

My story begins when I was about nineteen years old. I was full of raging hormones and racing thoughts about sex. Every thing I thought about had a sexual undertone to it. I found that I masturbated a lot, and was able to get off on just about anything. But I think the one thing that turned me on the most back then, was the first time that I saw my father's cock as he was walking around the house. He used to walk around all of the time in just his briefs. I found this very hot. We lived alone during this time. He was in his mid fifties and very professional and preppy looking. He was a bit on the husky side and, I thought very attractive.

One night after I had gone to bed, I got up from my sleep having to pee really badly. I didn't think twice about looking to see if someone was in bathroom I went in. My dick was hard in my tight white briefs with having to pee so badly, that I just flung the door open and rushed in with my dick already pulled out of my tight white briefs.

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