My Fiftieth Birthday

As my friends and family gathered for , there was a strange melancholy that overtook me. My high school friends and same-aged cousins were clearly getting older and while I may have wanted to think of myself as aging well, I was, indeed, still aging.

My partner had thrown an amazing party for me with over thirty people attending the soiree poolside at our home. People were enjoying the food, the music, the water, and mostly the company.

As I was sipping on my mojito, my nephew called to me from inside the house, "Tio, do you have an extra pair of swim trunks?"

Ramon was a beautiful young man who was infamous for his conquests with women. As I was when I was his age, 24, he was muscularly thick, moved like a leopard, and regularly shined his dazzling smile, melting everyone in its path.

Walking into the sliding glass door to my bedroom to get him some trunks, the curtain slid back into place, making my bedroom very dark. The white blinds were closed to eliminate as much sunlight as possible because it was 104 degrees outside. Ramon was at the door to the bedroom, closing it as he entered. He flicked on the switch to my walk-in closet. It truly became the light at the end of the tunnel as we both approached the door from different parts of the room.

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