My First Time

I came out to my family at 18 and had a less then favourable response. My mother blamed my father for having left when I was young. I dont think there was any truth to that, but wondered if that is where my fascination with older men began.

So I moved in with some young friends. We shared a small council flat in London which was cramped but hey, it meant I was free to discover the scene. At 18 I had a full head of thick blonde hair that was often bleached by the sun and I often was described as cute. My mates and I went to the Hippodrome gay night in London. My mate had tickets to get us in free and the first hour was free wine. We did not have much money so that sounded like a cheap night out.

We took full advantage of the free wine and by midnight I was plastered. My mates danced on the dance floor while I made my way to the toilets. The place was crowded and as I walked through all the guys my eyes came in contact with the eyes of an older man. He had short silver hair, deep blue eyes, a wonderful smile, clean shaved, lean build. I thought he was so handsome and give him a big smile. As I got close he stuck his foot out in front of me. I stopped and looked at him.

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