My Story

I'm a 36 year old white male who has been an avid cock worshipper since the age of twelve. I've taken on both the active and passive roles with men. I was even raped by a man once, but have masturbated to the memory of it ever since. To me, the male being is the most fantastic of all creation. I glorify every aspect of the male being. Cock is something I crave almost every minute of every day. I have pleasured well over 500 males from age twelve to the present time. There are times when I would have sex with up to 10 men in one night, with the help of my vehicle and sense of adventure.

I grew up in South San Francisco, just outside of the city, on the Peninsula.

I started jacking-off at the age of 11 and couldn't get enough. I looked forward to going to bed every night so I could fantasize about boys at school and stroke my young prick. I'd also found my parents' book by Penthouse called "The Sensuous Couple", where I'd marvel at the descriptions on performing fellatio and stroke myself.

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