The Story Of Jake Mcgrew

Jake McGrew was awake. He opened one eye as he stretched and yawned. He had fallen asleep on the sofa sometime during the night and was aware that the TV was still on. The sound was turned off, but Jake could see that the porno flick he had put in the DVD player was still playing. He opened his other eye and laid there watching the familiar scene on the TV screen. Two men were setting up camp in the woods while a young teenager watched from the seclusion of the bushes nearby. Jake knew this scenario and felt his cock swell as he looked around the dingy wood paneled room of his small trailer. Cigarette butts were overflowing in the ashtray that sat among the empty beer cans on the old faded wood coffee table next to the sofa. The smell of stale smoke and old beer excited him. He looked down at his hairy beer belly and reached down to scratch the thick black pubes exposed at the top of the waistband of his tattered old boxers. He looked down and saw that the head of his stiffening cock was sticking out of the slit in his dirty stained shorts and was not surprised because that's how he last remembered seeing his cock; hard and thick, he had stroked to porn with a Marlboro hanging from his mouth as drank beer.

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